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Frequently asked questions

Aeon cars

What is a Blaze?
A Blaze is a kit car produced by Blaze Motorsport in the UK.
When were they 'released'?
The Blaze was an evolution of the Pell Genesis, and officially became a Blaze in 2006.
How many are there?
There are several Pell Genesis and Blaze-RRs, and one Blaze-F
Isn't that rather a small member for a club or fan site?
Probably - but you've got to start somewhere!
What is the relationship between Aeon and Blaze?
The Blaze was originally sold as an Aeon car; in 2007, Keith Wood and John Hewat went in different directions, with John having the Blaze. The Aeon Owners Club and Blaze Owners Club were similarly split in 2008, but both are currently maintained by Jason Tribbeck.

Club & web site

Do you need to be a member of the club to register?
No, you do not need to be a member.
Why should I register?
If you register, you can participate in the forums and send messages to other registered users.
Why should I join?
At the moment, that part of the club hasn't really been set up - just register here for the moment.
What are the cookies used for?
The BOC website uses cookies if you're logged in to identify you, and if you're not logged in to store your settings (screen colours and so forth). The cookie that is used is reasonably persistent, so it does try to remember you across sessions
How to contact us
You can contact us via


What are the rules?
The rules are as follows:
  1. Postings in the forum should be on-topic
  2. Swearing and general nastiness should be avoided
  3. Blatant advertising is not permitted
What if I break the rules?
The BOC website maintainers reserves the right to remove inappropriate postings and possibly bar people who repeatedly break the rules.
What's the difference between the forums and messages?
The forum is used as a general discussion between several people, whereas messages are small text messages that are sent between individuals.
Can I put email addresses in messages?
Whenever the '@' symbol is used, the BOC forum system will replace it with a JavaScript equivalent, which means that you should be able to use email addresses more safely.
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