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News, shows and media

Latest news

Due to the GDPR rules, I've had to reset everyone's passwords. Since there haven't been any postings at all, I doubt anyone will notice! To log in, go to the login page, and go through the 'forgot your password' to get a new password emailed to you.
Okay, I made a slight mistake when I reconfigured the domain last week, and the site may have looked a bit ... odd. The problem has been identified and rectified, but it may take a couple of days to sort out...
Blaze Motorsport Ltd. will be showing details of a new Quad Bike the BLAZE 250 R
I will be splitting the Blaze and Aeon Owners Club web site this week - they will be completely separate. The Epona will occupy Blaze's section on the AOC, and the Blaze 'F' the Aeon section on the BOC.
I've moved the AOC onto a different server as a temporary measure (although the new server is faster). I'm not anticipating any problems, but if there are, please let me know.

Shows & Events

In the media

Body Transformation (details of the new Blaze F kit) September
Totalkitcar have a 4-page spread of the Blaze-F ...err... Blaze-RR (magazine web page is here)
Aeon Blaze reviewed in the January 2007 issue of Which Kit Car?
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